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This page is meant to give you some information on our e-magazine, advertisement space and article space

Bringing out a news-magazine that talks about cyber threats, cyber risks is a great way of sharing news on "CYBER". There is currently no open platform that brings out news on these subjects brought by the very organizations and people that are dealing with it on a daily basis. Surely these days aan E-magazine is a challenge. The purpose of this magazine however is to spread the news about the threats and help businesses with the information we spread. Our ultimate dream is to become a center where information on this subject can be posted and shared.

1 - Getting the brand out so we all get to know Cyberpol and what it does.
2 - Fill the gap concerning spreading of news in respect of cyber threats and cyber risks.
3 - Create a Magazine that is about you who wish to support spreading news and awareness for all people who have to deal with cyber threats.

During our visit of, for instance the Infosec expo in Brussels, we have visited stands and searched for the knowledge expert behind the product and/or services. Because creating the products and services demands expertise in the cyber domain.

The E-magazine is a monthly magazine. We will start with the first edition inJuly 2016 with a spreading to 250.000 people internationally and a posting on the cyberpol platform with a e-flipmagazine as well. Starting with roughly 24-30 pages it is our goals to reach arround 70 pages monthly in a year from now.


The content is mostly about articles bringing news about cyber threats and cyber awareness from different international points of view. These can be from academic level to operational level. The content comes from knowledge experts like arround the world. The articles we bring are devided in three categories:

1 - Semi commercial articles. These can be about companies that launch products/services that are related to protection against and/or detection of cyber attacks or about awareness methods/tools. These must support the main goals of the magazine and advertisement is mandatory. Starting with minimum 1/4 page per 1 page article.

2 - Articles from a research nature or investigative nature. These can also be reflective or propagating a different way of thinking about cyber threats and/or cyber awareness. You can also choose to write articles expressing concerns you or your organisation might have. For instance (missing) development of fields of expertise, lack of skills or what you feel governements should or shouldn't do about this subject.
Advertisement is not mandatory but we would be greatfull if you support us.

3 - In depth news articles discussing a news topic of recent or ongoing events. Like terrorisme, attacks and threats, These more journalistic articles are welcome and we stiumulate journalists in contacting us for this matter.

Rules on content.
The main focus of this magazine is bringing international cyber related news. This means no targetting of specific people, no leaking of confidential information or violating any trusts. Keep the language proper and do not seek to be disrespectful.


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